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suitable storage secured and heated

National and international transport

We deliver door to door. Always on time, according to the agreement. Shared transport, express transport, full loads, assembly, installation, storage, transhipment or an urgent shipment, we do it all. Always properly and to perfection.

We operate from the city of Weesp, centrally located in the Netherlands, near Schiphol Airport and with direct access to principal motorways A1 and A2. We have a wide range of recently made vehicles, as well as a logistics network throughout the Netherlands and Europe.


We specialize in transport, assembly, placing, installation and storage of valuable cargo, fragile equipment and bulk goods. Of any size or weight, from pallets and entire business inventories to loose goods and heavy industrial machinery.

Road transport

Each and every one of our vehicles meets all European standards and environmental regulations. They are equipped with lashing and packaging materials, internal transport means and the ability to send goods under customs seal.


We only work with trained and experienced staff. We are in direct contact with our drivers by means of a tracking system. At any moment we know the location and status of your cargo. We are known for our tight planning and we have extensive experience in various industries, such as graphic and medical.

Lorries and vans with or without tailboard

Open trailers and trucks

Trailers and trucks with mounted forklift

Trailers and trucks with tail lift, lifting 500 kg - 3.5 tons

Trailers with and without tail lift

Trailers with curtains and sliding roofs

Forklifts with lift of 1,000 to 10,000 kg

Closed vehicles

Vehicles with loading crane


A forklift or truck-mounted forklift enables us to load and unload practically any cargo quickly and efficiently. The forklift is transported on the back of our trailers or trucks, ensuring minimum space disruption, maximum storage capacity. Basically, the forklift is attached to the back of the truck body, which allows it to be operable in less than a minute. 

So we always have a forklift on hand to load and unload goods. Our drivers have been specially trained for this; they can do it independantly, quickly and adequately. You won’t have to worry about a thing. 

Besides saving time, a forklift also allows for maximum range and more flexibility. The mast, for instance, reaches to a height of at least three meters. And the support legs at the wheels give it extra lift capacity (up to 2500 kg). Moreover, a truck-mounted forklift has a 4-way directional steering system, so we are able to load and unload both sideways and at less easily accessible sites. It can maneuver in any possible terrain, because the forklift is an all-wheel drive vehicle. 
We can therefore load and unload heavy cargo even in practically inaccessible terrain. And of course, we do that in the safest possible way. Our drivers are highly qualified and our forklifts are thoroughly inspected each year.  

Forklift / Truck-mounted forklift

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