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Precision and attention for fragile products

Medical equipment

Precision and attention, that is key in the medical industry. We specialize in relocating, transporting and shifting bulk fragile medical equipment.


It is no problem for us to relocate entire laboratories complete with instruments and sensitive equipment for universities, hospitals and medical companies. That means the entire inventory, packaged or not. These fragile products we deliver accurately and with the utmost care and attention exactly there where you want them to go.

Always directly, without transfers. And on time, as agreed. Throughout the Netherlands and Europe. 

Assembly and transport

Complete control of logistics is a prerequisite in health care. And that goes beyond transport. We are your link between manufacturer and your client or your health care institution.


We can assemble, inventory, transport, install and connect all health care aids for you. Or we assemble them at our facilities and keep them in store for you to be delivered on demand. Including all additional handling. That is genuine inbound and outbound. Even when it comes to medical transport of products to be assembled by your own engineers at a specific location.

We deliver door to door, punctually and with care and attention. You can rely on that. 

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